Day trip to Slovenia’s capital city – Ljubljana

While we were staying at Lake Bled, we had to visit Slovenia’s capital and largest city – Ljubljana. The city with colour, culture and lots of cafés.

We arrived at Ljubljana in the morning, after about 45 minutes on a coach. God bless the tour guide, she’s there talking away about the history and culture of Slovenia and one by one we could see people turning their speakers off on the coach. Not many were listening. I turned around to the people behind and they were asleep. To be a tour guide, surely there has to be a specification – this one must have been to have a monotonous voice. I’m sure she’s lovely and retired by now but bless her, she tried her hardest to keep us entertained.

We arrived at Preseren Square. This is the central square of Ljubljana and is known to be the main meeting point of Ljubljana. When we visited, in 2017, there was a weather system built in which rained when it was scorching weather. (One thing we did learn from the tour guide). However, as the weather was crap that day, it didn’t need anymore rain!

Preseren – the poet of romance

We got the option to stay with the tour guide or go off on our own, we jumped at the chance to explore at our own leisure (we are so mean). So, we headed around the streets of this beautiful capital. I’m not a fan of graffiti really, it’s each to their own but this city did have so much graffiti down streets and alleyways. Some may say it is art, some say vandalism but let’s keep things nice and sweet here. Moving on!

As we explored the streets of Ljubljana, we past a unique bridge going over the river. Butcher’s Bridge or the Bridge of Love. This is where tourists attach padlocks on to the bridge as a promise of eternal love to each other. Inspired by Paris’ Pont des Arts. I’d love to know the percentage of couples still together now 😂 God, how horrible am I?!

Surrounding this bridge were interesting and intriguing sculptures. These sculptures do not have faces, resembling a part human part animal like statue. You’ll know what I mean.

After walking over Butcher’s Bridge, we headed towards the markets. The sun was coming out through the clouds, finally and it allowed the colours of the buildings to shine. The smell, the colours of fresh flowers were incredible!

We got told by our hotel owner to go up Neboticnik, which is Ljubljana’s own Empire State Building. It is 70m high and gives the best views of Ljubljana and the mountains (and their hot chocolate was pretty good). I’d highly recommend this place to visit! There’s a lift which takes you up to the top floor. You have to climb about 20 steps to reach the bar and view point. I love the colour of the buildings aswell here, well so many places in Europe!

Finally, before we meet our lovely tour guide back at Preseren Square. We walked along the side of the River Ljubljanica. It is a beauty. With history, architecture, beautiful bridges – where else would you want a stag do?! This was the last thing i expected to see floating down the River Ljubljanica. Where else could you body board in a swimming costume, on a main river flowing through a capital city?

Ljubljana is one of the most beautiful, colourful cities in Europe and I could not sing its praises enough. It is for all the family, with lots of history in castles, museums, bridges, squares and architecture.

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