A morning at Beningbrough Hall and Gardens

The weather is absolutely shite at the moment, but I NEEDED to get out of my flat into the fresh air of the countryside so today’s trip was to Beningbrough Hall and Gardens, North Yorkshire.

Beningbrough Hall

Beningbrough Hall is located 8 miles away from the beautiful city of York and is surrounded by such breathtaking grounds and gardens.

The brief history of Beningbrough

The Hall was completed in 1716 after the estate was first inherited by Ralph Bourchier in 1556. The first building on the estate was the Bourchier family home, which they lived in for around 150 years. John Bourchier inherited the estate and took a two year tour around Europe. Inspired by the architecture he saw in Italy, he planned and built the hall that stands today. The grounds were left Rev William Dawnay, after the last of the Bourchier family lost both of her sons in wars. In 1890, the hall was inherited by Lewis Dawnay and transformed by adding electricity for his family. In 1916, Beningbrough was sold to Lord and Lady Chesterfield where she lived until her death in 1957. Today, it is run by the National Trust and is a very popular Yorkshire attraction to people of all ages.

We arrived at 10:45, as the grounds opened at 10:30 and we firstly did the most important thing – check out the cafe 😍

The café was minimal but had a variety of cakes and scones to offer! They also offered a small selection of hot, hearty meals which we didn’t get to see as we were there in the morning. If we go off the cake, I can imagine the meals being very nice!

The hall itself didn’t open until 11:30 so we headed around the grounds. I love this time of year, with the bluebells out in full bloom. These woodlands would look so beautiful in any season, I will definitely be visiting again in summer.

The grounds of Beningborough Hall covers so much land. There is a circular walk which you can do which takes you along the River Ouse and around more of the lovely grounds. I will walk this route one day, so that will be another blog!

We walked around the side of the hall, and there was an old laundry room which had such an eery feel about it!! They had the old machines there along with explanations of what happened in the laundry room.

We headed into the grand house. This hall is such a beautiful and tall building with great interiors. It was like no other stately home I’ve been in before. There were so many portraits of different people in the rooms. It was definitely more like a gallery than a hall. You could see the history in the design, but unlike other houses, it didn’t really seem to have a story. Nevertheless, it is a very grand house.

On the first floor of the hall, there is a Yorkshire expedition which had sculptures, portraits and paintings of well known Yorkshire folk. There were Barbara Hepworth sculptures, a David Hockney painting and a portrait of the great Michael Parkinson.

We headed back out of the hall to the gardens. The blossom trees were so stunning! You couldn’t see the floor for the fallen, pink blossom! I love these trees and think they brighten up any rainy or dull day.

There is no doubt that the grounds team work so hard! The grounds were in such brilliant conditions and the gardens had so many beautiful flowers!

I would definitely visit Beningbrough Hall and Gardens again. I will hopefully return shortly as the weather gets better, to walk the circular walk and in the bluebell woods before they disappear!

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I'm a Newly Qualified Teacher with a love of photography. Follow my website to see blogs about my latest walks out in the beautiful country of the UK. I am accompanied by my beautiful spaniels Bella and Sydney, and my partner Jack.

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