Commute to the Peak District – Mam Tor circular walk

Having been stuck in my flat for the last few weeks; writing my dissertation and another assignment – the hills were calling. But there was only one problem, I can’t drive yet 😭 I know, twenty-one and can’t drive – tragic. I am learning but I had to stop whilst I was on teaching practice, after I cried when I couldn’t pull into a space due to some person parked awkwardly. It was definitely a sign to stop and just focus on placement.

Anyway, I digress… So, one option of getting to the Peak District was by train. So Jack and I left the house at 6:50am and got the 7:26am train from York to Edale, changing trains at Sheffield. Jack and I looked a little bit out of place on the train amongst all of the businessmen&women heading to work. Plus, omg how infuriating is it when you pay for a train ticket but you’re either sat on the floor or the conductors don’t check!! Grinds my gears!! Nevertheless, stood up or sat down – we finally arrived in Edale at 9:00am.

Edale Train Station to Mam Tor

It was such a beautiful morning in the Peak District. The sun was shining, birds were singing and Edale was just awakening. We headed south from the train station and turned right at the end of the junction, where the red telephone box is leading down Edale Road.

We walked about 200 metres down the road and took the left past Hardenclough Farm. It is signposted with a National Trust sign. I can tell you now, what a beautiful place to live! The home-owners are very lucky!

Hardenclough Farm sign

To the left of the path

To the right of the path

We followed this path with beautiful scenery until we reached a farm/gate which says ‘Private’. Luckily, to the left there were two gates. The path to Mam Tor is right through the gate. Thankfully, it is signposted but very faintly!

The next part of our walk was quite steep, so my advice to those on the route would be to go easy and take regular water breaks! Especially, if you’re lucky enough to be walking in the glorious sunshine! But also, don’t forget to stop and admire how far you’ve already come! Even though we’d only been walking around 20 minutes, we had walked quite far!

You pass a lovely lone tree! Too good to miss this photo opportunity!

Jack and a tree😛
The view behind!

We kept ascending up the path until we reached a second gate. We had a road to the right of us and a little path that hair-pinned round and up. This was the last push to get to summit of Mam Tor.

There is a little track off to the right of the path which takes you up to Mam Tor. We kept on going as we didn’t realise but this only added around 5 minutes on. The view was breathtaking 😍

Here is the view of Back Tor with a brave paraglider! This is one incredible hobby! You have to be so ballsy to do this! Hats off to you, up in the sky!! When this is the first thing we see after we’ve been climbing for an hour, I was taken back. Just so much beauty.

Mam Tor trig point
View of Castleton in the distance
Bracing the wind😬
Perfect place for a cookie and a brew! – not as good as the guy in the video!!

Mam Tor to Back Tor

From the trig point, we headed back down the path we had climbed to go further on to walk Back Tor. Once again, I was in awe of the views. Jack said to me ‘you’re loving this, aren’t you?’ – YES! It was exactly what I needed after having been really stressed with university. I needed to get out into the mountains. There’s just something about being in the hills that makes me feel calm, relaxed and happy! And you, reading this… I hope you are able to do what makes YOU happy💚 Anyhow, I’ve digressed again… Anyone who knows me personally, knows that I literally can 1) talk for England and 2) get easily distracted. So, tbh I’ll be very surprised if you’re still reading this blog with all my rambing😂

The path from Mam Tor to Back Tor
A very beautiful gate😅

Our legs, by this point were starting to ache. By our legs, I mean mine😂 I’d been out for a run and played cricket for two hours the day before going out walking. I couldn’t move as it was and maybe hill-walking wasn’t what I needed physically, but I needed it mentally. Jack’s just got a job as a postman so is out walking a lot every day, lucky boy!

The path to Back Tor is fairly uneven and stoney, so watch your step in. Don’t do what I did, try and take in the views and walk – it doesn’t mix well – #didyouhaveanicetrip?

Double lone tree
The lovely lone tree on Back Tor
Different perspective

Just love a lone tree picture!!

We had reached Back Tor after another steep climb! We sat for a moment to take in the views. After a little break, we then headed back down and turned right at the gate to head towards Back Tor Bridge.

It’s great to see the scale of the hill with the little people on there
Another lovely gate pic

We took a left after walking down hill a little bit after going through this gate, which was the wrong way. We realised this just after we had gone some more up hill😭 This was so not what we wanted!! So we walked back and headed right, which was luckily the right way.

We past Back Tor farm and got to see some more lovely countryside views, lots of little lambs and some beautiful butterflies.

After passing the Back Tor Bridge, we walked a little more on a narrow road which led to Edale road. This is the main road back into Edale. We didn’t really know where we were going, so we stuck to the main road. This took us back round to the red telephone box, so we had done a circular walk of Mam Tor and Back Tor to Edale.

We will definitely be going back and more open to explore a different route back to Edale.


This hairdresser needs firing!

A rest at the Rambler’s Inn

Oh weren’t we happy to see this place! A nice, cold drink had our names written all over it! And why not treat yourself to some grub! It was well deserved after that 550m ascent up Mam Tor and the hike along Back Tor and back to Edale.

A very well placed pub!
A worthy steak and ale pie 😍

I would highly recommend this walk. Whether you get there by train or car, it is a great walk. You walk through such beautiful scenery. I will definitely be going back to explore more of the Peak District.

Thanks for reading,

Emily x

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I'm a Newly Qualified Teacher with a love of photography. Follow my website to see blogs about my latest walks out in the beautiful country of the UK. I am accompanied by my beautiful spaniels Bella and Sydney, and my partner Jack.

7 thoughts on “Commute to the Peak District – Mam Tor circular walk

  1. I came here to South Australia from Scotland and I loved my mountains. Here our surrounding land is mostly flat. The meanest mountains are about two hour drive away and they – like much of the land around here – is either conservation parks or National Parks – no dogs allowed – and what is not National Park is Defence Force Land – the Army Play Pen. So, there is not a great deal we can do or go. Oh and the mountain Range – The Flinders Ranges – are all part of the Flinders Ranges National Park. I really liked your post and enjoyed reading it – and the photographs were very good too. It is a lovely area and the views are stunning. LOL — loved the phone Box…


  2. You’ve made me want to grab my walking boots! I’ve walked that route many times. Until my husband is better all i can do is live vicariously. Nice to see you had a good day.


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