Angry Cows on the Yorkshire Wolds Way

I hadn’t seen one of my best friends from home for what seemed like months. So I text her to say I was home, and as she knows me so well. Her response was – ‘shall we go for a walk?’ Eh, hell yeah Kel!

So, after contemplating where to go in the Wolds; we decided to head to Wharram Percy and do the 8 mile walk to Thixendale.

We parked up at the Wharram Percy car park and headed down the grassed path towards one of England’s most famous deserted medieval village. The car park was full today, it must be with it being a Saturday. The car park is only small with around 15 spaces, if some parked on the green, but it is free (always a bonus).

We past through a couple of gates, heading down hill and arrived to the gate with a sign from English Heritage with information regarding the deserted village. So, we entered through the gates and were immediately greeted by some angry looking cows.

FYI: Bella and Bailey, Kelly’s dog, were both on leads. Bailey is a fox red Labrador and is an absolute dopey, beautiful beast, and he decided to wonder towards the cows. Probably thinking ‘oooh new friend’ 😂. Then, the worst thing happened. The absolute brutes of cows started running towards us. We ran as quick as our feet could go. We have never been so scared for our lives and the doggos lives.

I decided to see if we could turn right up this huge hill and go around the angry cows. So me and Bella went up the hill. I get to the top of the hill. Here before us lay around approximately 20 cows. I thought SHIT, get out of here. I then bloody stood in cow shit, more like diarrhoea. Honestly it was disgusting and it was seeping into my trainer🤮. This day was getting worse 😭. I shouted Kelly to call Bella, and I let Bella go because I couldn’t run down hill with Bella pulling me. So, I let Bella off. She is usually good with recall. Usually being the main word. Bella headed towards Kelly, looked at Kel and looked at the cows. And yep, you guessed it. She ran straight to the mardy cows. They then charged at her, I was screaming. Kelly was screaming. Luckily, just in time she headed back to me up the hill along with two massive cows. I grabbed her harness and we ran down the hill, cows chasing us out of the gate. Bella was currently walking on her hind legs because I’d grabbed her harness. Looking back now, it was funny and it was the fact that the dogs were oblivious. They wanted new friends. Kelly and I, we were having heart palpitations.

So, after an eventful 15 minutes which felt like a lifetime. We headed back towards the car to figure out where to go next. So, as this walk was on the Yorkshire Wold’s Way – we headed left out of the car park and followed the sign.

We weren’t sure where this path led us to so we asked a couple who were walking sections of the Wold’s Way. They told us the path lead to the small village of Wharram le Street. So, we proceeded to head there to see where we could go from there.

We headed left down the chalk track. We were surrounded by beautiful yellow, rapeseed fields and you could see for miles. The views were so beautiful and scenic. You could see the cows in the distance which were on the hill. Instantly, we kind of got a shiver down our spines 😂.

We headed through Wharram le Street and found the next path heading right for the next section of the Yorkshire Wolds Way. Wharram le Street is a lovely little village but there wasn’t much to see. It was really close to the road so not completely peaceful. If we’d have kept walking up the way, I’m sure it would get more peaceful.


We didn’t go very far up this path as the dogs were lagging and tbh, Kelly and I were still a bit traumatised from before 😂. So we headed back after a 5 miler – going through every emotion available in our body😂. We will hopefully one day complete the walk to Thixendale! But, please god – I pray that we have no more cow incidents🙏🙏

Published by Emily

I'm a Newly Qualified Teacher with a love of photography. Follow my website to see blogs about my latest walks out in the beautiful country of the UK. I am accompanied by my beautiful spaniels Bella and Sydney, and my partner Jack.

2 thoughts on “Angry Cows on the Yorkshire Wolds Way

  1. That sounds scary. I have to walk through cows quite often with my dog Hugo. The best thing to do is to assess the situation. If all the cows are looking chilled you are usually ok walking through the field. I always put Hugo on a lead and walk very calmly and quietly through. Saying that my boyfriend and I plus Hugo were once taken by surprise by two huge horses coming towards us and we couldn’t get to the gate fast enough. 🤣


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