Running: The literal high and lows

I’ve now been going out for running since April 1st and it is true to say that running and I have a love, hate relationship.

Since the 1st April, I have been trying to go out for runs at least 3/4 times a week, with no aim distance, or time in my head but to just do what I can do to the best of my ability. Running has helped me learn so much about myself.

The first ‘run’

I went out for my first ‘run’ and Jesus, I actually don’t think I could class it as a run. It was actually horrific, and I look back at my Strava information and I think walking is a quicker pace. Nevertheless, I persevered and did what I could do. I had an idea of how far I wanted to run, and it was very demotivating to not reach my goal. I had biddy’s were running past me 😂 That was demoralising as F but this was the best of my ability at that moment. My problem is my head – my head tells me that I can’t do, or I can’t be arsed for this. So when I think that, I instantly stop. I don’t think I’m alone in this. I need to believe in myself but not my negative thoughts.

I got back to the flat and I was absolutely shattered. I had done 3.9 km and my legs were like jelly! I went into uni for 3 hours, i had seized up in my chair and I was tired – tired from running and of hearing how shit the next couple of months were going to be.

The next push

Even though I wasn’t as enthused as I’d hoped to go out running, I got up a couple of days later and went out for my second run of the week. I decided to go on a different route, I went through the Joseph Rowntree Park. It was an absolutely beautiful place to go running. Running next to the pond, looking at the reflections of the trees and buildings on the water was beautiful.

Even though I did find it difficult, I started to think that there are perks to getting up earlier to go for a run.

1) I had this park to myself. There were probably around 5 people in the park and no one was to judge how sweaty, out of breath and red I was.

2) There was a sense of a peaceful atmosphere in the park. I’ve seen this place on summer evenings and it can be so busy. Jack, Bella and I went to the park during Easter holidays and I have never seen it so busy! I was glad I was not running then!

3) I get to see so much of the country, running around my favourite city and running around my home. Going on different routes allows me to explore more of York and the Yorkshire Wolds.

The highs are flowing

I came back home and went for a run around the old faithful football fields, just to see how I could do. I did about 3.5km and I thought, this is getting a little bit easier. I was less out of breath and had kind of fallen into a rhythm of running. So, I kept going. I ran 5k, the first 5k I had ran in a long time. The buzz was unreal. I was so overwhelmed and proud that I’d actually broken through my mind telling me to stop. This got be motivated to keep going!

So, I went back to York with Bella and I set out on another new route. We took a left down the Riverside, leading us to a dead end. So we turned back around and went over the Millennium Bridge and headed down the opposite side of the River Ouse. We past so many boats and small yachts docked into the side of the river. It was a lovely run and there was a beautiful big house at the end. We came to a gate that we had to climb over, but I decided not to go over it as I didn’t want to over do it. 8.3k later – thanks to Bella and 80s music!

You know what is next. We had to climb over the gate to see what was there. This was the most beautiful but toughest run. I really struggled. I couldn’t catch my breath. I was stopping every two minutes to catch my breath. My pace had dropped by 2 minutes for my average km ran. This felt like the hardest run I’d ever done. I had my first low point of running. I just wanted to walk home. But, I had to keep going. We ran past the wall and it was so nice! There were deer, steps down to the river, rowers going past! It was distracting, thank god. It took my mind off the pain! Another tough 8k later, i decided to do something I will probably later regret!

The next challenge

I decided to challenge myself. I LOVE a challenge. I signed up for the British Heart Foundation Marathon Month in May, Doncaster Half Marathon in June, and the York 10k in order of the Jane Tomlinson Appeal in August with Jack’s mum, Helen.

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I'm a Newly Qualified Teacher with a love of photography. Follow my website to see blogs about my latest walks out in the beautiful country of the UK. I am accompanied by my beautiful spaniels Bella and Sydney, and my partner Jack.

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