‘Mull of surprises’

I’m currently writing this while laid in my tent. On a beach. Listening to the wind hit my tent and the waves rolling along the shore.

Helen had mentioned that she was planning a trip to the Isle of Mull and Iona on Saturday. Today is Monday and I am currently in Mull, grateful for Helen driving 9 hours to Oban yesterday, then another couple of hours to get to our destination – Fidden Farm.

The journey to Oban was incredible. Passing lochs, castles and bridges. We couldn’t resist stopping to take pictures.

Inveraray – Stop and see

Kilchurn Castle on Loch Awe

We were scouting places to camp on the way home. Fingers crossed, this will be one of the places!

No idea where..

We arrived in Oban at 6:00pm. During our drive up to Faislane to drop Conor (Jack’s brother/Helen’s son) off, Helen and I decided to see if there are any hostels to stay in. We were supposed to be camping in Oban, but it rained and rained for nearly the whole 9 hour journey. The last thing that was wanted was to put a tent up in the rain. So, I googled hostels in Oban and luckily there were 3 beds left. We booked immediately.

It was Helen’s first time staying in a hostel. It was my first time staying in a hostel in an 8 bed dorm which was mixed sex. Helen is walking the Camino de Santiago in September and one of the main ways of accommodation is in hostels. So, this was a great opportunity to stay in one in the UK with a familiar face before being out on her own for 5 weeks staying in Albergues.

Sunset in Oban

After taking sunset pics, we headed back to the hostel – nervous and tired. Neither of us slept very well because we were conscious of moving and snoring. I was especially nervous of farting.

So on approx. 4 hours sleep, we set off to the Oban ferry terminal.

But before that, we were intrigued by the colosseum looking tower. This was called McCaig’s Tower.

The views were absolutely incredible of Oban from up high. There was a moving moment when got to the tower as we heard bagpipes playing. It was a very Scottish moment.

The ferry from Oban to the Isle of Mull took around an hour. The views were amazing on the crossing. Passing many sailing boats, castles and mountains.

On the windy ferry
McCaig’s Tower and Oban

Destination: Mull

We arrived on Mull and straight away were in awe of the scenery. The place just looked fresh and so green.

The dramatic scenery in Mull were too good to miss. We pulled in nearly every layby to take pictures! We finally saw some true Highland Cow’s in their natural habitat! I absolutely love Highland Cow’s! They’re fluffy and full of character. We were absolutely gobsmacked when we saw the cows in a loch! This place is full of surprises!

Camping and wild swimming at Fidden Farm

We set up camp at the campsite Fidden Farm. This campsite is unique in the fact that you can camp right next to the beach. The campsite is close to the ferry port to Iona, it’s around 1 mile away.

I’ve always wanted to go wild swimming. It’s been on my bucket list for a while now and I thought Scotland would give me a great opportunity to tick it off.

In order to get myself into the sea, I had to run in. Don’t think. Just do. I walked in until it got to my hips. I stopped and turned around. A lady we got talking to said ‘you’re not coming out until your shoulders have been in’. In that, I dunked myself in. It was initially cold, but got warmer the more i was in. I’ll definitely do it again! But maybe in a wetsuit not a bikini!!

Not too sure..

There will be more to come from our adventure! Emily x

Published by Emily

I'm a Newly Qualified Teacher with a love of photography. Follow my website to see blogs about my latest walks out in the beautiful country of the UK. I am accompanied by my beautiful spaniels Bella and Sydney, and my partner Jack.

6 thoughts on “‘Mull of surprises’

    1. Aw wow!! No way!! Hope you had a lovely time! We wild camped at Langamull on Thursday night!! It was rainy and windy so can’t say it was the best experience! I bet if it was nice weather, my opinion of wild camping would be different! Absolutely love Mull, did you go over to Iona?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes, I was there too on Thursday night, wild camping just outside Craignure! It was crazy weather 😜
        Didn’t go to Iona this time. I’ve been twice before and love it there.
        So peaceful.
        Sounds as though you were mostly in the south and I was mostly in the north.
        Have you been onto Ulva? 😊


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