Oh Iona, you beauty

Today’s adventure took us to the Isle of Iona. We caught the first ferry from Fionnphort which was at 9:55am. It cost £3.50 for a return to Iona and took 10 mins. Don’t think that’s bad when you pay £10 to get to Hull from Driffield, return.

On the ferry!

The views on Iona were just breathtaking. Abbey and nunnery ruins, white sandy beaches, turquoise waters and Highland Cow’s were amongst the beautiful scenes of the Isle of Iona and all on one road.

Iona Abbey cost £9 to get in. We decided not to go in, but to just walk around a little chapel at the side of the Abbey for free. You could get some incredible pictures from outside of the Abbey so personally, we didn’t feel the need to go in.

The ruins of the Nunnery
Iona Abbey

We continued to walk up the road and we noticed a remote beach to the right of us. We automatically headed there straight away.

We wondered on to this untouched beach. The sand had no footprints in and all you could see were Oystercatchers looking for food. This was a moment which I won’t forget in a while. All you could hear were the waves crashing against the rocks. The water was so unbelievably clear.

Oystercatcher feeding their young

We saw an other white sandy beach in the distance so we aimed to walk there to have our picnic. Turns out you can’t get there without swimming 400m… So we had to settle for this beach…

We sat on this beach for a couple of hours, just taking in the silence and secluded beach. Families and people started arriving so we started to depart to find more beautiful beaches. I’d recommend going early as the later it got, the busier it got.

We definitely succeeded in finding more beautiful beaches.

I honestly can’t believe how beautiful this place is. I couldn’t believe this is in Scotland. Iona has to be one of my favourite places I’ve visited because of the remoteness and beautiful beaches.

Thank you for reading!

Emily x

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I'm a Newly Qualified Teacher with a love of photography. Follow my website to see blogs about my latest walks out in the beautiful country of the UK. I am accompanied by my beautiful spaniels Bella and Sydney, and my partner Jack.

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