24 hours in Venice

Whilst we were on our holiday to Lake Bled, there was a fab taxi service called Go Opti which could take you around Slovenia but also take you to the surrounding countries: Italy, Croatia and so on. So, Steven, my brother, and I took a taxi journey to Venice from Lake Bled for one night.

We got picked up early morning from a near by hotel, and got dropped off just after midday. We shared our taxi, which made it cheaper so it cost around €100 for a return for us both. We also found a hostel which was a converted convent which was so cool for about €60 a night.

This was where we stayed –

Campo dei Gesuiti, 4878, 30121 Venezia VE, Italy
+39 041 528 6103

The motorway into Venice

My first impression of Venice was – woah, this is not what I expected. Tbh, I didn’t know what to expect! A place that has rivers as streets, gondolas instead of cars and water taxis instead of tubes. I really didn’t know what to think.

This place was the busiest place I’d ever been to. The queue for water taxis was about 50 people long. Every street was full with tourists. I instantly felt uneasy due to the sheer amount of people and crowds. I couldn’t help but clutch my bag and walk abit quicker. This was a struggle as it was a couple of days since climbing Slovenia’s highest mountain – Mount Triglav. It was quite funny really because Steven couldn’t walk slow and I couldn’t walk quick, so we ended up walking about 10 feet apart from each other the whole weekend 😂

I would tell you exactly where we went around Venice, however I have absolutely no clue 😂 This place is one giant maze. A few things I can do is recommend a couple of places to visit.

1. Rooftop Terrace Experience

We only found out about this place after speak to some fellow British tourists in an Art Gallery, who funnily enough were from my town and I went to primary school with the young girl. Jack always jokes about how I know everyone and only I could go to Venice and bump into someone from school.

The rooftop experience is at the Venice version of Harrods department store called T Fondaco dei Tedeschi. Do you want to know the best thing as well? It is totally free! You just go up the lifts to the top floor and you’re there. You have to wait in a queue and have your bags searched for safety reasons, but we went at around 3pm and we only had to wait 10 minutes. It was well worth the wait for the view!

2. Venetian sunrise

Steven and I spoke about getting up and going for sunrise pictures. This is normally just a thought for me, but when you have a brother like mine it happens. So we set our alarm for 5:30am and Italy did not disappoint.

To start with, we got the water taxi over to the island of Murano. This had to be my favourite time to exploring because Venice was still sleeping. The only people awake were workers, dog walkers and us. It was amazing to watch the sunrise and also get pictures of sleeping Venice.

Murano’s quaint streets and 16th Century buildings are just incredible. So much character in a small island. Dotted around Murano are impressive glass sculptures. It is famous for glass-making and is said to be one of the finest glasses in the world.

After wondering around Murano, we headed back to the main island where we got the water taxi to Piazza San Marco. By this time, Venice was waking up.

Coincidentally, I got a photo of Steven with the pigeons in the square. There is also a picture of my Nana’s brother in the same location. My Nana was raised in Italy until she met my Grandad. She lived in Trieste but would occasionally holiday in Venice.

I would definitely recommend exploring Venice as it’s history and culture is just incredible. Go careful with regards to pick pockets. But enjoy!


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